About Us

The Story Behind Our Story…….

My name is Michael Harris – and I am Passionate about Pools.

In 2009 my wife and I decided it was that time in life to take the ‘plunge’ and move to sunny Cyprus, and after what I can only describe as a crazy adventure, we settled in the beautiful village of Tala.

Whilst working hard on developing our Business Sunset PMS I inadvertently became involved with swimming pools. Not just floating in them, but working with them! This was not something that had been on my ‘bucket list’ but definitely an occupation I had found a true passion for.

After a lot of research, experimentation and mistakes, I found myself drowning in a whirlpool of ill advice, the so called knowledge and expertise that I had found were a little wide of the mark. So in turn, in 2010 I attended the NSPF CPO training course (National Swimming Pool Foundation Certified Pool & Spa Operator) to obtain my license (this license allows me to deal with all types and sizes of pools from small private ones to large water parks).

Over the past 8 years there has been a lot of hard work. I have liaised with professionals, and I can happily say that I achieved what I set out to do. However, something was missing.

Time and time again I have been asked, “Is there a leak in my pool?”, and whilst I could conduct a bucket test and a visual inspection, I did not have the specialist equipment or the training to take things any further, and this has led me to this point.

After a lot more time and research, I dived in at the deep end and developed not only my business and my knowledge, but myself. I have recently attended a course in Los Angeles USA, with probably the most reputable company there is, and I am now fully trained in identifying pool leaks, and equipped with state of the art leak detection equipment.

It now makes me very proud to say, that along with being able to give your pools the best care and maintenance they require whilst taking into account health and safety issues, I can now offer you the highest quality leak detection service, here in Paphos Cyprus.

I very much look forward to being of service to you in the future (although I do not wish you to have a leaky pool!)

Please see our other pages on the site for full details of maintenance services, leak detection and contact details.